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10 Ways You Can Reduce Dental Anxiety

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

You Can Feel Less Fear When You're At The Dentist

Here are some of our best actionable strategies for feeling calm during dental appointments.

We all know it's better to take care of dental issues in a timely fashion. So why are we still putting it off?

1. Let your dental health care provider know how you feel.

Speaking openly about your fear or anxiety before and during your appointment gives your dental team a chance to check in with you, and do their best to put you at ease.

2. Ask questions about your procedure. When you know what exactly is going on, it can help alleviate your fears.

3. Concentrate on taking slow deep breaths during your treatment.

4. Slap on your best head phones and tune out the world.

5. Listen to a guided meditation and visualize yourself right out of the dental chair. You could easily be wading in the ocean, walking in the woodlands, or picking flowers in a big beautiful garden.

6. Use a mindfulness technique and remind every muscle into relax. Start at your toes and relax each muscle group one by one all the way up to the top of your head.

7. Raise your hand if you are feeling pain or having an anxiety attack. Your dental health care professional wants you to have the best experience possible, not flee from the building never to be heard from again.

8. Ask for laughing gas or sedation. It's perfectly okay to zone out completely and be blissfully unaware of what is happening.

9. Try repeating a series affirmations in your head during your appointment. Go for 100 repetitions of each, and start from the beginning if needs must.

10. The best way to have short dental treatments is to move into the world of action. Book yourself a dental appointment right away, and get your teeth in shape with a thorough cleaning and check-up. Book all of your follow-up appointments as quickly as possible to keep the momentum going. Moving forward, take care of your teeth meticulously. Floss daily, and brush twice a day.

Action helps alleviate fear.

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