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Bridges Can Replace Missing Teeth

Dental Bridge
dental implant bridge.jpeg

Dental Implant Bridge

Bridges work by fixing false teeth onto adjacent natural teeth. Your bridge can also be attached with the dental implant procedure. Porcelain bridges look and act like natural teeth. You will be able to smile without worrying.

Strong porcelain bridges provide good durability and a great cosmetic appearance. 


You can eat all of the foods you love, and chew normally. The bridges are fixed in your mouth and are treated like natural teeth. You maintain your regular dental regime with daily flossing and brushing.

Closing the gap between missing teeth helps prevent your teeth from any further damage due to shifting. You will be able to bite down and chew all of the foods you love.

Call our office today to find out if a bridge is the right solution for your missing teeth. 416-431-0593

Digital Scans Of Bridges

3D dental scan for bridge
3D dental scan for bridge
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