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Do You Want A More Beautiful Whiter Smile?

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Bellamy Dental Now Offers Spa-Dent Whitening

You'll look better in special occasion photos and videos. You'll feel more confident smiling on social media videos or business video conferencing. 

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*Spa-Dent can whiten your teeth two to ten shades lighter in just one office visit.

This whitening treatment is the perfect way to prepare your smile for all of life's

picture worthy moments.

Having a dazzling white smile can take years off your age, and remove stains you thought you'd have to live with forever.

Spa-Dent is safe for enamel and sensitive teeth. This whitening contains organic all natural ingredients, and is completely alcohol free.

You can book a single or double whitening sessions in our office, and we can send you home with a maintenance kit, so your smile stays dazzling.

You can also order a half strength, easy to use home whitening kit if your schedule won't allow for an hour office visit.

Call our office at 416-431-0593 or email using the form below for information about the Spa-Dent whitening solution that's best for your teeth, and your budget.

*Please note that the amount of whitening and length of time between treatments will vary based on factors like genetic traits and lifestyle habits like smoking, and food and beverages that can stain tooth enamel.

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