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What Happens During A Dental Check Up?

If you have not had a recent check up, or are having an issue with tooth pain your visit may include digital x-rays - this technology emits up to 90% less radiation as compared to traditional x-rays using film.

Our hygienist will give your teeth a thorough cleaning. 


The hygienist and dentist will both check for the swelling of gums in any areas, mouth sores, and redness.

Clean teeth will make it much easier to see problem areas in your mouth. Our dentist will review any new x-rays and begin a complete oral exam.

Digital photos of your teeth are performed so that you can better see what we see in your mouth on the computer screen.

The status of gum disease will include measuring your mouth’s periodontal pockets, which are the spaces between the top of the gum line and where the gum tissues firmly attach to the tooth. Ideally, pocket depth should be within 1 to 3 millimeters. Deeper pockets are a sign of gum disease which will be treated and monitored closely at future appointments.

Your bite and jaw joints (TMJ) are examined. Teeth will be examined for signs of grinding/clenching, and if needed the dentist can prescribe and order a bite guard to help better protect your teeth.


Each tooth will be checked for decay, defective fillings and cracks and/or chips.


The dentist will also gently feel your neck and behind your jaw, checking for swollen lymph nodes. The tongue and the entire inside of your mouth will be examined for any signs of oral cancer.

A personal treatment plan will be formulated. If you require fillings or other dental work it is best to address these issues quickly to avoid more complicated treatments in the future.

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