The Benefits Of Digital X-Ray Technology

The Digital X-Ray system used at Bellamy Dental offers 90% less radiation than traditional film x-ray technology.

Digital x-ray requires no chemicals to develop so it is incredibly environmentally friendly.

The complete picture is available for immediate viewing, and the images are of much higher quality, so you will get the best diagnosis possible.

Digital dental records can be transferred immediately with email. They can be instantly sent to other specialty offices for reference, and you won't have to be subjected to further x-rays.

Digital x-rays can be viewed instantly since no film development is required. Our dentists can analyze your x-ray results quickly, and start treatment right away if needed.

Digital X-Ray Technology allows our dentists to see exactly where to place your dental implants to replace a single tooth, an implant bridge, or attach a full set of lower or upper teeth.

Intra-Oral Cameras allow you to see on the computer screen exactly what procedures need to be performed.

Technology makes it possible for our dentists to analyze x-rays and digital scans quickly, and start your dental treatments right away.

Digital Mouth Scans