CEREC Technology is available at Bellamy Dental.

You can get your porcelain crown in one appointment.

  • No more messy impressions.

  • No temporary crowns.

  • No return appointments needed.

  • No metal in your mouth.

Your new crown will look and feel like a natural tooth.

The Benefits Of Digital X-Ray Technology

The Digital X-Ray system used at Bellamy Dental offers 90% less radiation than older x-ray technology. While many dental offices have upgraded, it is best to find out first before booking a check-up. Digital x-ray is the more healthy option, and here at Bellamy Dental your health is a priority.

Digital x-ray requires no chemicals to develop so it is incredibly environmentally friendly.

The complete picture is available for immediate viewing, and the images are of much higher quality, so you will get the best diagnosis possible.

Digital dental records can be transferred immediately with email. They can be instantly sent to other specialty offices for reference, and you won't have to be subjected to further x-rays.

There is no time needed for set-up or development, and you'll never again have to bite down on those sharp edged old x-rays for what feels like an eternity. 

Digital x-rays are fast and complete. Our dentists can analyse your x-ray results quickly, and start treatment right away if needed. You can be in and out of the office quickly, with any potential issues taken care of.

Ultra Sonic Scaler

It may seem like your hygienist is merely spraying your teeth with water, but this time saving tool cleans teeth thoroughly with ultra sound waves. Sound waves are able to break up tartar quickly and this spares our patients much of the scraping and picking from metal tools.